News & Updates


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Travis Miller discusses NAIC concerns relating to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Sinkholes Gather Much Needed Attention

Travis Miller discusses issues relating to growing sinkhole losses in Florida.

Florida Supreme Court Discusses Actions for Pollution Liability

Travis Miller discussed a recent Florida Supreme Court decision relating to liability for the discharge of pollutants.

Implications of Failing to Address Insurance Cost Drivers

Travis Miller discusses the implications of failing to address insurance cost drivers.

Implementation of Florida’s Mitigation Discount System

Travis Miller discusses Florida’s mitigation discounts and the consequences of discount levels that exceed reductions in risk.

State Board of Administration Postpones Cat Fund Bonding

Travis Miller discusses the recent decision of the SBA to defer authorizing the FHCF to issue $710 million in additional bonds due to concerns over continuing hurricane claims.

Rating Law Changes on Tap for 2010

Among the many insurance-related issues to be considered in the 2010 session, the Florida Legislature is expected to tackle potential changes to Florida’s property insurance rating law.

Mitigation Review Important to Property Market

Travis Miller discusses the upcoming modeling commission report and the need for improvements in the mitigation discount process.

2010 Overview

Travis Miller discusses three key property insurance issues to follow in early 2010.

FSU Panel Discussion to Include Commissioner McCarty

The Center for Insurance Research at Florida State University is hosting a panel discussion on insurance regulatory reform on January 28, 2010, that will include Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty.