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Licensees May Seek DFS Continuing Education Extensions

Licensees May Seek DFS Continuing Education Extensions

For a licensee needing additional time to complete continuing education requirements due to the pandemic or otherwise, The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) may grant a 90-day extension of time for good cause.  “Good cause” means an incident or occurrence which is beyond the control of the applicant and which prevents the completion of their Continuing Education requirements on time. Examples of good cause include:

Sickness or illness incurred by the licensee or close family member.

Declared emergency by the executive of the state or federal government.

A death by a close family member.

DFS may ask for supporting documentation to substantiate the requests.  Applications for extension and supporting documentation must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the compliance due dates.  If the licensee qualifies, he or she will receive an additional 90 days to complete the requirements.  The licensee can seek a further extension if the underlying events continue, although this requires a new application with new supporting documentation.  DFS may grant up to a maximum of four (4) 90-day extensions.