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FPL rate proposal aims for balanced approach

Regarding the Herald-Tribune’s June 17 article on Florida Power & Light Company’s pending rate proposal:

FPL’s typical residential customer bill is already the lowest of Florida’s 54 utilities, according to the latest data from the Florida Municipal Electric Association. Compared to the average 1,000 kilowatt-hour residential electric bill in Florida, FPL customers pay $25 less per month, or about $300 less per year, than other Floridians.

Under FPL’s rate proposal, if approved, the typical residential bill will decrease by about $5 monthly from approximately $109 in December 2009 to about $104 on Jan. 1, 2010. This reflects an increase in base rates that is more than offset by projected reductions in the cost of fuel and in improvements in fuel efficiency.

By investing in improving the efficiency of our power generation fleet in Florida, we have reduced the amount of fuel required to produce electricity. And when we save, you save. Over the past six years, our investments in cleaner, more-efficient power generation have saved our customers $3 billion in fuel costs. By 2014, these ongoing investments will yield an approximately 20 percent improvement in the efficiency of FPL’s power generation from oil and natural gas, and customer savings will total more than $1 billion annually.

Our rate proposal delivers a balanced approach that allows us to continue to make smart investments that will make our infrastructure stronger, smarter, cleaner, more efficient and less reliant on any single source of fuel — while keeping customer bills low.

Tim Fitzpatrick

Vice president, corporate communication

Florida Power & Light Co.

Juno Beach