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Florida Continues Gradual Reopening Process

Florida Continues Gradual Reopening Process

Florida has moved into a full implementation of Phase 1 reopening.  This follows a brief period in which the state reopened at a pace more conservative than most commonly described as Phase 1.  Governor Ron DeSantis described the increase in Phase 1 activities as “things the state could have done but didn’t do initially.”

In this new phase of activity, restaurants, retail shops, museums and libraries, which had been allowed to open at 25% capacity, can serve customers at 50% capacity.  In addition, gyms can operate at 50% capacity with social distancing and sanitizing protocols.

Soon after the full Phase 1 announcement, Governor DeSantis also cleared the way for youth activities and summer camps to resume.  The governor also indicated that Florida’s theme parks will be able to reopen if they submit a plan that is approved by their county.  The theme parks and related tourism are key components of Florida’s tourism industry.

“They should identify the date certain that they believe that they could resume safe operations,” DeSantis said. “They have to provide how they’re going to do it, how they’re going to accommodate the guests, how they’re going to protect the staff, and then they need to have an endorsement from the relevant official in their locality.”

Governor DeSantis has said on several occasions that he believes the incremental reopening measures are appropriate given the progress Florida has made and are consistent with a safe, smart step by step approach.