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FSU RMI Program Rises to #3 in National Rankings

FSU RMI Program Rises to #3 in National Rankings

Florida State University received good news recently when U.S. News & World Report named it one of the Top 20 public universities in the country.  FSU checked in at #18 after being ranked 26th in the prior year’s ranking.  FSU has climbed steadily in these rankings over the last few years, from the 40’s to 30’s and now into the Top 20.

The FSU College of Business’ program in Risk Management & Insurance also has enjoyed a rise in its national ranking.  The FSU RMI program has long been considered one of the Top 5 programs in the nation–  public or private.  This year, the RMI program checked in at #3 in the national rankings.

University rankings depend on both reputational and performance metrics.  Program rankings, on the other hand, are driven just by reputation.  The rankings reflect the evaluations of business school deans or administrators around the country.  The FSU RMI program’s rise in the rankings therefore can be attributed to other business school deans’ recognizing the quality of the FSU program.

The RMI program is part of a positive cycle for FSU academics.  This has been an enjoyable time to serve on the Executive Council supporting FSU’s RMI program.