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Next Legislative Session Just Around the Corner

Next Legislative Session Just Around the Corner

It’s hard to believe September is here. It seems like the 2019 legislative session just concluded.   In reality, though, the 2020 session is just around the corner. The 2020 session will have an early start date—it runs from January 14 through March 13 (assuming it ends on time).

The early start date means committee meetings will begin soon. The first week of interim committee weeks begins September 16. This will include a meeting of the House of Representatives’ Insurance & Banking Subcommittee on September 18.

In 2019, the legislature dealt with abuses related to Assignments of Benefits for property insurance policies. Most provisions of the new law just took effect July 1 so it is too early to tell how effective it will be in reducing some of the problems that have plagued the market. The 2019 AOB reform proposals at one time included provisions dealing with similar problems for auto windshield replacements. However, those changes fell by the wayside as the 2019 session progressed. This leaves auto glass as a significant issue that is likely to gather attention leading into the 2020 session. The full slate of topics to be addressed in 2020 will start to come into focus in the coming weeks as the legislature prepares for an early start next year.