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East Coast Remains on High Alert

East Coast Remains on High Alert

Hurricane Dorian’s slow forward movement and uncertain path continue to keep Florida on high alert, particularly on the east coast. Last week, Dorian was a tropical storm that appeared as if it might stall and never gain hurricane strength. Models also varied widely in their guesses as to the storm’s future direction.

Dorian overcame this uncertainty to grow into one of the most powerful hurricanes in history. Dorian currently is hammering the Bahamas with strong winds and a slow pace that has led to a sustained battering of the islands. As the storm moves past the Bahamas, it remains unclear whether it will make landfall in Florida. Even if it doesn’t, Dorian threatens to push a wall of water into Florida’s east coast that will combine with rain and winds to create dangerous situations. Many of Florida’s coastal areas are under mandatory evacuation orders, and more areas are being encouraged to do the same.

Regardless of Dorian’s eventual path, it remains a powerful reminder of the perils of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.