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Governor Supports Resolution of AOB Concerns

Governor Supports Resolution of AOB Concerns

Governor Ron DeSantis had many topics to choose from as he addressed the legislature at the outset of this year’s session. More information here. However, the Governor opted to touch upon the highlights rather than exhaustively list the priorities of his first session as Governor.  Among these, Governor DeSantis discussed the need for AOB reform, calling the current environment a “racket.”  

“I hope the Legislature passes legislation to reform the issue of AOB, which has really degenerated into a racket,” DeSantis said.  DeSantis pointed to the higher rates that the AOB crisis will cause throughout the state as the impetus for reform.  He noted that the AOB situation simply fuels cost pressures that otherwise can be experienced after successive years of storms.

Both House and Senate committees have advanced AOB reform proposals in recent days.  However, they still have several committee stops ahead and will continue to widely debated throughout the session.