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Special Session to Focus on Budget

Special Session to Focus on Budget

The Florida legislature will convene in a special session beginning June 7, 2017, and ending June 9, 2017, to address several aspects of Florida’s budget.  The special session follows a decision by Governor Scott to veto $410 million in line item spending as well as other proposed spending from the budget passed by the legislature during the regular session. 

Differing budget priorities among legislative leadership and Governor Scott’s office commanded headlines throughout the regular session.  Governor Scott heavily promoted retaining economic development money to allow Florida to compete for jobs with other states.  Others–  most notably including Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran, questioned whether those funds have the intended effect or are well-spent.

The short special session reflects that in the weeks following the conclusion of the regular session, Governor Scott and legislative leaders have reached an agreement on how to allocate the remaining budget dollars.  The legislature’s second crack at the budget is expected to include increased education spending for grades K-12 and increasing funding for promoting tourism.