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Citizens Updates Assumption Process

Citizens Updates Assumption Process

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is changing the depopulation process for personal lines assumptions taking place on and after February 21, 2017. The changes are intended to increase policyholder choice and bring greater efficiency to the process for policyholders, agents, takeout companies and Citizens. The new process is based, in part, changes required by HB 931, which passed in the 2016 legislative session.

The key changes to the process are summarized below:

Policyholder Highlights

• Citizens will notify policyholders via U.S. mail of any available offers from participating companies interested in assuming their policies. The mailing will include a Policyholder Choice Form that includes all available offers and estimated renewal premiums for the assumption period. Policyholders will be able to choose their preferred insurance company or elect to remain with Citizens.
• Policyholders will have 30 days to return the Policyholder Choice Form to Citizens or contact their agent to register their choice.
• If a policyholder’s choice is not received within 30 days, the policy will be assumed by one of the participating companies that made an assumption offer to the policyholder.
• Post assumption opt-outs no longer will be available.

Agent Highlights

• Citizens will email agency principals a complete list of policies to which participating companies are extending offers for the next following assumption date.
• The agent of record will receive a PolicyCenter® activity notifying them of their customers’ policies that have been selected. Copies of all customer correspondence are available in PolicyCenter.
• Agents will be able to register policyholder choices in PolicyCenter.