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Hurricane Matthew Recovery Underway

Hurricane Matthew Recovery Underway

Hurricane Matthew brushed by most eastern parts of Florida, bringing strong winds, a wall of water, and a wake of damage.  Floridians braced for Matthew for days as forecasts showed the major hurricane to be heading toward Florida’s coastline and likely impacting most areas from Miami to Jacksonville.  Ultimately, the storm stayed slightly offshore as it went by Florida, which helped alleviate the wind damage.  Still, the storm caused significant wind damage in many areas and also creating a storm surge that caused further damage and erosion.

As the storm has passed and waters have begun to recede, Floridians begin the cleanup and recovery process.  Power companies are working rapidly to restore service in the many areas that experienced outages, and Floridians who evacuated are starting to return home.

After 11 relatively storm-free years, Floridians certainly hope that we’ve seen the last of the hurricanes in this more active season.