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NCCI Filings Available Through I-File

NCCI Filings Available Through I-File

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) announced this week that filings of the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) are now available through the OIR’s I-File system.  This includes prior filings dating back to the 2001 implementation of the electronic filing system.

NCCI wrote to the OIR acknowledging that both the OIR and NCCI have received significant interest in NCCI’s pending workers’ compensation rate filing following the two Florida Supreme Court decisions earlier this year putting upward pressure on rates.  NCCI noted that when the i-File system was first implemented, NCCI had concerns with electronic access to its filing but understood the filings would remain available for public inspection through prior means.  Since then, however, electronic filing systems have become commonplace countrywide, and NCCI no longer has the same degree of concern with electronic access to its filings.

Even so, NCCI manuals and its rate, rule and form filings are copyright protected.  The OIR’s release on the subject reminds readers that copyright materials cannot be copied, reproduced, or adapted without the permission of the copyright owner. Section 119.01(2)(d), Florida Statutes, indicates that copyright laws must be considered when providing access to public records.