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DFS Emphasizes Fraud Prevention Divisions

DFS Emphasizes Fraud Prevention Divisions

The Florida Department of Financial Services recently highlighted its divisions that work to reduce fraud in Florida.  Insurers are familiar with the state’s Division of Insurance Fraud, which investigates instances of possible insurance-related fraud.  DFS points out that the range of fraudulent activities can include staged car accidents to fake water leaks for insurance payments, to employers who fail to adequately protect their employees with workers’ compensation coverage.  The Division of Insurance Fraud averages four arrests per day in its efforts to reduce the costs of fraud on Floridians.

Insurers also will recognize the role of the Division of State Fire Marshal in the fraud detection and investigation process.  This division is involved in reviewing suspicious fires. Since 2011, the division has been involved in nearly 1,500 arson arrests.

The department also pursues public benefits fraud through the Division of Public Assistance Fraud.   In its last fiscal year, the divisions efforts resulted in the state’s opening 232 slots for families to enroll their children in daycare services due to detecting and removing people fraudulently obtaining these services.  The division estimates that it has stopped more than $167 million in public assistance fraud in the last 4 1/2 years.