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House Adjourns and Ends Session Early

House Adjourns and Ends Session Early

In an unusual move, the Florida House of Representatives adjourned this afternoon and effectively ended the 2015 legislative session.  The Florida Senate remains in session, but at this point it can only pass legislation that has already passed the House.

The House’s adjournment came after comments from Speaker Crisafulli indicating that the two chambers have come to a total standstill over the state budget.  He said the Senate continues to insist upon expanding the state’s Medicaid program, while the House will not agree to it.

The last week of session typically is an active time for passing bills that the chambers have worked on for weeks or even months.  The House’s adjournment kills any unresolved bills for 2015, with the possibility that specific issues may be included within the call of the inevitable special session that will be needed to address the state budget.