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Blanton Named to Negotiating Rule Committee

donna-blantonShareholder Donna Blanton has been appointed by the Department of Health, Office of Compassionate Use, to serve on the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee that will draft a regulatory structure for growing and dispensing of low-THC cannabis. Ms. Blanton fills the slot on the Committee for a member of the Florida Bar experienced in administrative law.

Other members of the Committee are a representative of a nursery qualified to grow low-THC cannabis, a qualified patient or patient representative, a testing laboratory representative, an individual with demonstrated experience in sound agricultural practices and necessary regulation, a physician authorized to order low-THC cannabis products for qualified patients, an individual with demonstrated experience establishing or navigating regulatory structures for cannabis in other jurisdictions, and representatives of the Department of Health.

The 2013 Legislature enacted section 381.986, Florida Statutes, authorizing the dispensing of low-THC cannabis (sometimes called Charlotte’s Web) to individuals with certain medical conditions. Ms. Blanton is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice. Earlier versions of the rules proposed to implement section 381.986 were invalidated last November by an Administrative Law Judge.