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Insured losses mount for storms, floods, new report shows

Your worries over ridiculous prices for windstorm insurance coverage in Florida may be slightly off lately, data released in June by Best’s Review, Oldwick, N.J., indicate.

At least based on 2013 weather-related catastrophes, Mother Nature is more apt to be financially outsmarted if you review the comprehensiveness of your flood insurance coverage.

Of the 150 natural catastrophes worldwide in 2013, 60 were because of plain old storms and 53 to floods, Best’s Review suggests.

The worst: $3.70 billion in insured losses in Germany last July were attributed to hailstorms and low-pressure storm systems. Perhaps, thanks to our incredibly limited U.S. television news coverage, you missed reports of the nearly 5-inch hailstones in Germany that damaged 100,000 buildings and 50,000 automobiles.