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Omnibus Bill Advances Through House, Goes to Senate

Omnibus Bill Advances Through House, Goes to Senate

The so-called omnibus bill (HB 635) has passed the House of Representatives by a 100-17 margin and has been referred to the Florida Senate.  The bill addresses a wide range of insurance matters, consisting primarily of issues that generally are thought not to be controversial.  The range of issues covered by the bill includes:

Extending the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund exemption for medical malpractice insurance through May 31, 2016;

Allowing proof of auto insurance to be provided electronically;

Providing for the conversation of agency “registrations” under current law to agency licenses and providing for agency licensing going forward;

Allowing third party administrators to file financial reports on a fiscal year basis;

Allowing insurers to use a straight average of approved models in ratemaking;

Providing a uniform 120-day nonrenewal notice requirement for personal residential policies;

Allowing for electronic delivery of personal lines policies with the consent of the insured.

The bill contains numerous helpful clarifications, clean-ups and changes.  The Senate has been working on its own omnibus package, and now can continue moving forward with its package or take up the House bill.