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RTYC Completes Eight Week Exercise Challenge Through “Walking Thru Florida”

Twenty-three members of the firm (and one past member – Judge Elizabeth McArthur) completed an eight week exercise challenge on Sunday, April 29th.  The twenty four participants were divided into six groups of four and each group chose one of the following three levels of exercise:  level one teams needed to complete 30 minutes of exercise four days a week, level two teams needed to complete 30 minutes of exercise every day of the week and level three teams challenged themselves to complete 60 minutes of exercise every day of the week.   All of our team members stuck with the challenge for the entire 8 weeks!  The program is called “Walking Thru Florida” and is coordinated by Leon County.  In addition to exercising outside of the office, our teams were each assigned a week and during that week coordinated healthy snacks or a meal.  During the course of the eight weeks, we had delicious smoothies, an apple taste test (the firm’s favorite apple is ambrosia), a yogurt and fruit breakfast, very healthy sandwiches, healthy vegetable dips and all the ingredients for delicious trail mix.  This is the third year the firm has had teams competing in the challenge.  Over one hundred teams throughout the city participated.