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Session Drawing to a Close

Session Drawing to a Close

The 2012 legislative session is rapidly drawing to a close–  at least the regular session, anyway.  The session is scheduled to end tonight, and lawmakers will work at a frenzied pace to address bills that are bouncing back and forth between the chambers.

No Florida session would be complete without a property and casualty insurance issue going down to the wire.  This year’s hot topic is Personal Injury Protection, or PIP reform.  The system has serious flaws, and a lot of effort has gone into developing solutions.  However, the House and Senate do not agree on an approach.  In fact, some question whether the Senate approach will do anything at all–  a question posed by Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty in a recent interview.  Governor Scott and CFO Atwater also are calling for meaningful reform.

We’ll know how this issue turns out tonight.  We also have to take into account that if the solution is not significant enough, the Governor might not accept it and we might end up with a special session later this year.

Stay tuned to our legislative page and our blog for the final results. We’ll also be releasing our  Florida Insurance Report next week with a recap.