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Senator Arongberg Pursues Chinese Drywall Solutions

Senator Arongberg Pursues Chinese Drywall Solutions

State Senator Dave Aronberg has indicated that he intends to pursue legislation in the 2010 session trying to address concerns over contaminated Chinese drywall.  Senator Aronberg proposes that the state convene a task force to study the issue further.  In addition, Aronberg wants the state to adopt standards relating to the permissible content of drywall and impose bans on drywall exceeding defined limits for contaminants.  The Senator also would require persons who remove and replace contaminated drywall to be licensed by the state.

Senator Aronberg indicates that if Florida waits on a solution from the federal government, “we’ll be waiting a long time.”  He therefore hopes to take steps that are within the control of the state.

Aronberg would like to see the task force include a health official, an affected homeowner, a physician, an attorney, a consumer advocate and a representative of the drywall industry.

Senator Mike Bennett, who chairs two committees through which Aronberg’s bills would need to pass, says he intends to hear them because the state needs more discussion of the Chinese drywall problem.  Aronberg is working to identify a sponsor for the legislation in the House of Representatives.