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Florida Power & Light to switch to hybrid, electric vehicles

The Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Two of the nation’s largest power generators said Thursday that they plan to begin switching their company cars and trucks to plug-in hybrid vehicles or all-electric vehicles starting Jan. 1 to help cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The commitment by Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke Energy and Juno Beach, Fla.-based FPL Group Inc. represents more than 10,000 vehicles and potential revenue of $600 million or more for manufacturers.

The goal is that by 2020, 100 percent of all new fleet vehicles will be plug-in electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The companies say plug-in cars will reduce carbon emissions by up to 70 percent — 100 percent if a vehicle is charged by zero-carbon renewable energy sources — and lower fuel costs by 80 percent.

They say it also will help jump start the market for these vehicles.

The companies made the announcement during the annual meeting of Clinton Global Initiative, started by former President Bill Clinton that brings together the public and private sector to discuss solutions to problems in four areas — climate change, poverty, global health and education.

Duke has 4 million electric customers in five states and FPL is the parent of Florida Power & Light, which has 4.5 million customers in Florida.