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AT&T launches U-verse TV locally

Phil Nickinson

AT&T — best known for its telephone and Internet service — has brought its U-Verse television service to Pensacola.

Whereas cable TV is transmitted over co-axial lines, and satellite TV is beamed through the skies, U-verse takes advantage of AT&T’s fiber-optic lines and offers a third choice for consumers.

"Today’s launch of U-verse reflects our commitment to making the investments necessary to bring consumers in Pensacola a new era of true video competition," said Marshall Criser III, president of AT&T Florida.

U-verse has the usual services TV viewers have come to expect — digital recording, high-definition channels, on-demand movies and the like. But its ace in the hole is its Internet connection.

U-verse is piped into your home the same as any data on your computer. Because of that, information such as weather radar, news and stocks can be constantly updated on your TV.

Oh, and do you have an iPhone? If you want to control your DVR from your pocket, there’s an app for that. (You also can schedule recordings from any Web browser.)

Bundling of services — television, Internet and landline phone — is available. Pricing varies, starting at $49 a month for 70 channels and $33 a month for basic Internet service. Other packages have six-month discounts attached.

U-verse isn’t yet available in all parts of the Pensacola area, but the service is being built out over the coming months.

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