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Plakon to Patterson: Let’s hear from McCarty in insurance committee

August 24, 2009

Another day, another elected official who wants some explanation from Florida’s Insurance Commissioner. 

First it was CFO Alex Sink. Now Rep. Scott Plakon, concerned about the exit of State Farm and recent reports refuting Commissioner Kevin McCarty’s claims of an impressive influx of new capital to the Florida residential property insurance market, wants McCarty to come before the House insurance committee.

In a recent letter to committee chairman Rep. Pat Patterson, Plakon asks Patterson to "extend an invitation" to McCarty "to present his information and be available for questions from our fellow committee members."

Plakon refers to "conflicting information" about the state of Florida’s property insurance disseminated in the wake of lawmakers approving HB 1171 (the governor vetoed it, after McCarty expressed his concerns), and Plakon said he is "concerned that the answers are becoming more muddled as time goes on."

McCarty got flak from Sink at the Cabinet meeting earlier this month for not turning in a draft of his report to her early enough. Good news, though, if Patterson calls McCarty to the committee. The first week of legislators’ committees doesn’t come until October.