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TECO says it is prepared for hurricane season

Although hurricane season only lasts for six months, hurricane preparation for major power outages is a year-round job at Tampa Electric.

When the winds pick up, the first thing that normally goes is the power. Downed lines and flooded streets all contribute to power outages.

That’s why TECO spends the whole year checking power poles, hardening the infrastructure and devising detailed plans to help crews handle widespread power outages.

Getting the power back on is "challenging," says TECO spokesman Rick Morera

Morera says the hurricane planning also involves coordinating with out-of-state crews that may be asked to help and restoring power on a prioritized basis.

TECO has also established a power control center, which they say will make it easier for them to pinpoint power outage locations and for crews close to the area to fix them.

If your power goes out in a storm

TECO reminds its power customers to make an emergency plan, which should include the possibility that they power may be out.

Residents should always have a wall-plug phone that doesn’t need power to work.

If they plan to use generators, they should properly hook them up and ventilate them while in operation.

Residents should stay away from any downed power lines or poles.

In addition, TECO customers are asked to log onto the utility’s Web site to double-check the phone number on record for the electric account. If the power goes out and the customer calls the TECO customer service line, the system can automatically track the power outage using the home phone number.