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Afraid to open that utility bill? Don’t worry, be happy

By Jeff Burlew
Assistant Metro Editor

Expect a pleasant surprise when you open your next city of Tallahassee utility bill.

Both electric and natural-gas rates are going down, thanks to a drop in the delivered cost of natural gas. The new rates went into effect Wednesday, and the lower bills should start showing up in mail boxes next week, said Reese Goad, director of utility business and customer service.

Overall, average residential bills for electricity are expected to drop 10.7 percent, while average natural-gas bills are expected to drop 17.5 percent.

"It’s very welcome news for all of us, I’m sure," Goad said.

In August, the city was paying $10.59 per unit of natural gas, Goad said. Now, the cost is closer to $7 or $8.

And rates could continue to drop. The city has contracts for lower natural-gas prices over the next 18 months, and bills could drop another 4 percent to 6 percent in October, Goad said.