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Sink Supports Governor’s Budget Initiatives But Questions Workers’ Comp Fund Sweep

By: Travis Miller

Governor Charlie Crist recently presented his proposed budget for consideration. The budget includes a $60.6 million increase in funding for Florida’s KidCare program. CFO Sink supports this recommendation, stating that the increase will give more than 46,000 children access to affordable healthcare. Sink serves as the chair of the Healthy Kids Corporation.

At the same time, CFO Sink questioned a proposal to sweep $129.5 million from the Workers’ Compensation Administration Trust Fund. She points out that Florida has been able to reduce the trust fund assessment from 2.75 percent to 0.25 percent over the last eight years through efficient management. Sweeping the trust funds could result in a need to increase assessments as soon as January 2009. Sink said she looks forward to working with the Governor and legislature on solutions that will not result in increases to this tax on Florida businesses.